Peter Lukasiewicz

Peter Lukasiewicz

The Foundry Real Estate Co. | Edmonton

Peter has been a Realtor since 2004 and continues to grow his brand based on his passion and social nature.

‘I love peoples’ stories, that’s why they’re buying or selling, that’s what gives my career purpose. Where have they come from and where do they want to go? I love being part of their story and them being a part of mine.’

Peter’s experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness put him in a commanding position to advise clients, and help them make the best decisions which will impact their future.

Over the years Peter has sold hundreds of homes and viewed thousands of properties. He is uniquely suited for matching a property to a potential homeowner, and not only getting said client into the home first, but also getting them the Best Deal. Peter’s specialty is listening to someone, providing an educated and pragmatic perspective, and subsequently helping them make the best real estate decision for their future.

‘I love construction, architecture, and enriching life. Real Estate has been and will continue to be a truly fulfilling experience.'

You can find Peter on Instagram @PeterTheRealtor or Connect with Peter → here